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All issues of the Canadian Flyer feature: President’s report, door prize and raffle prize winner photos, upcoming events & club meets, Editor’s corner and always a few surprises! 

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 CTTA Canadian Flyer May 2021
In this issue: First report from new CTTA President Kyle Miller. Return to Charles Rummel Community Centre. Happy Birthday Mark! Show & Tell: Jim Barrett’s 1936 Lionel Blue Streak. Reg Partridge Standard Gauge. Frank Schmidt Lionel 700E kit build. Zoom meet summary. Lionel HO layout. Jim Barrett Halloween, Terry’s Tailgate – Tom Modica sighting! Dan Gory CPR F7 build.

2021 Canadian Flyer issues

2021 January CTTA Canadian Flyer V19.1

Transformer load flatcars from MTH are on the way! Train Wheel of Fortune debut! Layout Corners – British theme with Robin Dodson; Super O goes to another level with Dan Gory; Standard Gauge rises with John Constible.  Trainspotters gems – Brian Dziewinski, Ralph Spielman & Dave Emmington. Early Christmas Trains from Gord and Jim Barrett, Kyle Miller.

2021 February Canadian Flyer V19.2 

Zoom Meet show and tell; BCE Transformer cars from MTH now on delivery; New Club Car announcement – British Columbia Railway Airslide Hopper. Layout Corner  CN E3 passenger set, Melrose Station, Kyle Miller. Depressed flatcar kitbash with cable wheels, Tom Modica. Colourized streetcar video in Vancouver 1907. Arby’s meet .

2021 March Canadian Flyer V19.3

Feb Zoom meet Show & Tell. Mark Horne announces the end of an era. Moving Port Moody Station: Kyle Miller & Charles Reif; Members modelling, layout and trackside adventure showcase. Last call for Atlas O Airslide hoppers!

2021 April Canadian Flyer V19.4

March Zoom meet Show & Tell. Passing of Larry Woolward. Mark Horne announces a new MTH SW-8 Locomotive Project! Gordon Hall custom  painted CP diesels. Terraplane diecast and the real thing. CPR Paddle wheelers. More real and custom painted O gauge BC Electric. Mark Horne hits 1 year of layout pics!

2021 May Canadian Flyer V19.5

April ZOOM meet and show & tell. Passing of Ted Monck. New Engines on Kyle’s and Gordon’s layouts. Mark Horne announces a new Club Car project, MTH Victoria Terminal Railway & Ferry Co. SW-8 Locomotive still available. Show news! Layout pics from members. Announcing ‘Canadian Prewar Toy Trains’, by Frank Schmidt and Charles Reif.

2021 June Canadian Flyer V19.7

NEW Club Cars announced! Moosehead Reefer and Canadian Northern Gondola from MTH. Return to the LaBounty Ranch for our May meet. Riding the rails on Mark Hornes layout. Gordon Hall refurbishes the HO layout at the railway Museum of BC. New book ‘Canadian Prewar Toy Trains’, by Frank Schmidt and Charles reif, is available to order NOW!

2021 September Canadian Flyer V19.8

Return to Charles Rummel for September meet and AGM. June meet at Labounty Ranch. Keith Herndier’s Russian Moskobel set. NEW Lionel Legacy PGE 2-8-0 Steam Locomotive from Mr. Muffin’s announced! Atlas O PGE tanker on its way. Passing of Gail Ferrier, Ken Klein and Doug Crowdy. Robin Dodson Swiss Train Tour adventure. 2nd annual CTTA Day at Railway Museum of BC on Sept 11.

2020 Canadian Flyer issues 

2020 January CTTA Canadian Flyer – V18.1

Hot Wheels at our meets. CN #6520 reveal.  Great Western Railway Museum, UK, by Ralph Spielman. Toppenish Train Museum, WA by John Black. CP Armed Forces Tribute locomotives. Photos from 2020 Bus Trip to Great Train Show, Puyallup.

2020 February CTTA Canadian Flyer – V18.2

Jim Flett estate sale; CTTA rings and bling; Modern American Flyer by Ed Stephens; Jorge Beristain scratch-built O scale Penticton Station; From the Archives, Mark Horne and Charles Reif first layouts; Mike Munk builds anew; Dan Gory custom builds of CP diesel power.

2020 March CTTA Canadian Flyer – V18.3

Scratch built 2816 Empress and CP passenger train by Don Hough; Scratch built Partridge Station by Jorge Beristain; Layout Corner with Tom Modica; News from the East; Custom builds and paint by Thomas Madsen and Dan Gory.

2020 April CTTA Canadian Flyer – V18.4

Flashback edition of ‘The Car Barn’ club newsletter from 1987. Robin Dodson – collecting USTTC trains. Layout corner with Mike Munk, Jim Sutherland – Mrs. Sudds’ diner. Trainword presents CTTA! Gordon Hall custom paints and Dan Gory kitbashes a postwar Berkshire to a Mountain. Custom Marx builds by Charles Reif and David Cook. Alan Hough’s 2-rail O scale layout. Ralph Spielman and the moonlighters arrive on the VIA Canadian.

2020 May CTTA Canadian Flyer – V18.5

April 26 ZOOM e-meeting report. NEW Club Car – BCE depressed centre flatcar with transformer load. Time for a trackside picnic with Kyle: new layouts rising with James Cook and Tom Mower; Charles Reif rolls a Zeuke; Postwar Berkshire transformation by Dan Gory; emergency Arby’s train meet with Terry Berg; E-Z mountain module by Gail Schmidt; Tom Modica’s first train.

2020 June CTTA Canadian Flyer – V18.6

June Club Social meet at Labounty farm; May 31 ZOOM e-meeting #2 report; Club car announcements – BCER flatcar with transformer, PGE Crane Tender; Red Hot & Cool Blue trains – Tom Modica; Preview of Martin Howbold’s Eisenbahn Bunker; Phil Hastings Bates Motel; More USTTC coaches – Robin Dodson; Mike Wolf retirement announcement; Lighthouse and Bluenose corner – Kyle Miller.

2020 Summer BONUS edition Canadian Flyer

Report: June Club meet at Labounty farm; June 28 ZOOM e-meeting #3; September AGM and election; In memorium – James Johnson; Bridges over troubled layout – Mike Munk; A visit to the West Coast Railway Park – Gavin Senft; Rare train photos – Tom Modica, Mark Horne

2020 September Canadian Flyer – V18.7

AGM and election takes place Sept 27 at Labounty Farm. Garden Railway Tailgate social at Gordon Hall’s. New MTH BC Hydro diesels now rolling on member layouts. Seen along the way with Terry Berg, Doug Smith. Wreck on the KVR Naramata section, Charles Reif.

2020 October Canadian Flyer – V18.8

AGM report and pics. Your Executive has been re-elected for the upcoming year! Hornby 100th anniversary cupcakes. Gordon Hall BC Hydro custom cabooses. Brian Beard layout corner. David Cook custom Marx engine. The EEL Line: A Canadian toy train story by Charles Reif.

2020 November Canadian Flyer – V18.9

October meet at the Labounty farm. New Club Car announced – PGE diesel fuel tanker from Atlas O. Happy Halloween with Jim Barrett and his prewar classic trains. A Canadian’s act of bravery, a story of CP Partridge Station by George Plant.

2019 Canadian Flyer issues

2019 January CTTA Canadian Flyer – V17.1

Annual Bus Trip to the Great Train Show in Puyallup Jan 19. CTTA members Gordon & Kyle at Squamish for Polar Express. Mark Horne open house operating session Dec 26. Paul Curtis layout corner. From the East – David, Robin and Richard. In memorium, member Bruce Fowler. Altoona Salad Collage by Tom Modica.

2019 February 2019 Canadian Flyer – V17.2

Bus trip to Puyallup Great Train Show pics. Collecting Trains: An Appreciation, by John Constible. John transitions his layout to Standard Gauge.

2019 March Canadian Flyer – V17.3

Happy 12th Anniversary: Sid & Olivia, Gary & Katelon. Jim Barret’s 4-rail prewar American Flyer. White Pass & Yukon refurbishment tour & at Skagway; Tom, Mark & Gary. From the Archives – a new feature! Treasure finds and oddities.

2019 April Canadian Flyer – V17.4

Mark Horne arrives straight Out of Africa, with pictures of the Victoria Falls Dinner Train – and others! COOTTS coverage from April meet; Bob Garton with steam and diesel identity plates; You CAN take it with you ! Building a layout in a mobile trailer, by Ed Santor. White Pass & Yukon renovations – part 2, from Tom Modica.

2019 May Canadian Flyer – V17.5

Announcing a very unique Club Car – British Columbia Market Co. Ltd. from MTH. Jim Ervin’s 1957 Eatons Super Chief ride ticket at Eaton’s.  Bob Garton show and tell – Loco Builders photos and lithograph. LCAC F3 shell coming to June meet. Jim Flett Memorium. Larry Setterfield’s new layout – Doing it right – again!

2019 June Canadian Flyer – V17.6

Welcome Tom Mower from Quesnel and Dan Gory from Gibsons. Jorge Beristain’s scratchbuilt O scale CPR Sicamous Station. Club proposal for CTTA rings and pendants. O gauge Tinplate trains by the ‘Unique Art Manufacturing Co.’, WCRA presentation by Ryan Cruickshank. Greetings from the east. Gordon Hall open house for Railway Modelers meet of BC.

2019 September Canadian Flyer – V17.7

Summer BBQ highlights; Ken & Lois Lockley host a Summer BBQ in Victoria; Robin Dodson finds Mallard #4489 at ExpoRail. David and Gail Cook visit Palmerston, ON; Mike Munk visits Williams Lake. 1950’s train commercials; Masterful modelling and beer trains!

2019 Summer BONUS Edition

We made new friends and enjoyed trains of 6 different gauges, as we displayed and operated our layout for 3 consecutive weekends in August at the Burnaby Central railway with the BC Society of Model Engineers. CTTA operations, including Thomas, Garden Railway G scale and O scale; BCSME 7 1/2 inch gauge live steam minirail. Special report by Kyle Miller

2019 October Canadian Flyer V17.8

Jim Barrett layout visit – prewar & tinplate treasures; Annual General Meeting coverage; rare sightings; Club car prototypes; adventures in Canadian diecast; A British – Canadian Mystery, by Charles Reif.

2019 November Canadian Flyer V17.9

Jorge Beristain scratch-built Banff Station, show & tell with Dave Scott; TCA York meet; Jim Barrett – more pre-war treasures; Vancouver Train Expo in pictures; Order NOW ! MTH BC Hydro MP-15 diesel.

2018 Canadian Flyer issues

2018 January CTTA Canadian Flyer – V16.1

The Xian Warriors by overnight train – a feature by Frank Schmidt. MTH White Pass & Yukon reefer Club Car announced. Last call for the bus trip to the Great Train Show in Puyallup, WA. Pics from from November meet,  WCRA Polar Express and member’s submissions. Jorge Beristain Sicamous Station model. A.C. Gilbert Erector set #9 for sale.

2018 February CTTA Canadian Flyer – V16.2

Auction and table sales process reminder; Monroe, WA show; Alan Cruickshank tribute; Jim’s 100 year old Lionel train; Puyallup, WA Great Train show in pictures; Oregon Rail heritage Centre in Portland; MTH White Pass & Yukon reefer Club Car available to order;  Pics from from January meet; Visit to Zurich with Mark Horne.

2018 March CTTA Canadian Flyer – V16.3

Trains galore! Local shows see Mark in Denver and Robin in Ontario. Sights of RS-3 #561 and Swiss engineering. MTH White Pass & Yukon reefer Club Car available to order;  Pics from from January meet; Visit to Zurich with Mark Horne. PGE Cranes seen in action on member layouts.

2018 April CTTA Canadian Flyer – V16.4

PGE RS-3 diesels have arrived. Fun with your model railroad circa 1949; Western rails 2018 in Burnaby; TTOS PNW in Bellingham; Atchelitz Threshermen layout in Chilliwack; Thomas Madsen’s custom built WP&Y Alco locomotive; A gallery of Japanese Trains.

2018 May CTTA Canadian Flyer – V16.5

PGE RS-3 diesels delivered. Announcing a second BC Electric reefer from MTH, this one in green. Hornby for Canada, Frank Schmidt. Great British Train show in Ontario, Robin Dodson. Calgary Supertrain, Gerhardt Klann. Rod Hugh Erector set builds. Classic CP coaches.

2018 June CTTA Canadian Flyer – V16.6 

Overdue MTH BC Electric (yellow) reefers arrive. Order your upcoming Green BC Electric reefers now. Welcome Tom Mower from Quesnel! Day out with Thomas and PGE RS-3 diesels in Squamish. Earl Labounty’s nice layout and super backdrop. Lionel service bulletin for recent Mogul release. Flyerholics video from Ed Stephens. Wacky trains to model.

2018 September CTTA Canadian Flyer – V16.7

Annual General Meeting and Fall BBQ. BCE green reefers and WP&Y reefers shipping soon. Robin Dodson’s B-day present, and new train room; Trains n’ Brains; Alberta Freemo in HO; Dan Gory & friend in Cranbrook; Kyle with engines big & small in Squamish.

2018 October CTTA Canadian Flyer – V16.8

Annual General Meeting, BBQ and election of officers. Layout Corner – Gary and Katelon Zabenskie. Mount Cheam Lions train and hobby show (Chilliwack).  Vancouver Train Expo. Great Train Show bus trip. Jorge Beristain Sicamous Station in O gauge. Russian train crash video from Terry Berg.

2018 November CTTA Canadian Flyer – V16.9

York group report and pics; BCE green reefers are here and WP&Y are on the way; special deal for members on upcoming PGE side dump car. CTTA at Vancouver Train Expo. Report from the East – David, Robin and Richard.  Bus Trip to the Great Train Show in Puyallup Jan 19.

2017 Canadian Flyer issues

2017 January CTTA Canadian Flyer – V15.1

Upcoming auction items from Bill Stephenson collection. Video link for railway snowplough fanatics, photo link for historic PGE and BR rail passenger services. Club Car order forms for new Atlas O diecast PGE 2-bay Hopper & MTH BCE Reefer. CTTA member Frank Schmidt tours the Marklin factory in Germany. Williams O scale 44 ton switcher released in classic Canadian National green and gold.

2017 February CTTA Canadian Flyer – V15.2

Last call to order PGE hopper from Atlas O. Pics from World’s Greatest Hobby train show and CTTA bus trip to Puyallup, WA. Christmas trains at West Coast Railway Heritage Park. Looking for Mamook Models signs. Martin’s Christmas prize. Jim Southerland layout corner and Family Day layout action in Colwood. COOTS update.

2017 March CTTA Canadian Flyer – V15.3

Children win at the meet. CPR Yoho station scratchbuilt by Jorge Beristain. Clark Gray recalls beginnings of Canadian Division & 1980s photo. Dave Cook in St. Catharines, ON. Tribute to Ted Diakow. Mamook Models signs. Kitbash Corner from Charles Reif and Dan Gory. 44 tonners.

2017 April CTTA Canadian Flyer – V15.4

Tinplate workshop restoration, John Constible. American Flyer set box show & tell – ‘The Wrong Christmas’, by Frank Schmidt. In memory of Gunther Sage. Whodunnit part 2 – more handcrafted billboards.

2017 May CTTA Canadian Flyer – V15.5

Gunther Sage estate sales and donations to the club. Jorge Beristain scratch build of CP Yale portable passenger station. Dan Gory kitbash conversion of MTH CP F3 to F7. Layout projects underway from Mike Munk & Kyle Miller. Vancouver Island group layout action at Buccaneer Days in Esquimalt. Other treasures sought and found!

2017 June CTTA Canadian Flyer – V15.6

Join us for our annual Summer BBQ at the June meet before we break for the Summer. Kit bash special – the first dome car?  2017 Club cars are SOLD OUT!  Other treasures sought and found!

2017 July CTTA Canadian Flyer – Canada 150 edition!

Our annual Summer BBQ at the June meet was a hit. Announcing our 1st locomotive project – an MTH Pacific Great Eastern RS-3. Special member deal on a PGE Crane car. Hornby trains in Glasgow – Jim Barrett.  COOTTS Marches on – meeting dates. The beginnings of rail container shipping. If Trains Could Talk – feature article by Frank Schmidt.

2017 September CTTA Canadian Flyer – V15.7

Notice of Motion for Annual General Meeting. 2017 Club cars from MTH and Atlas O are on their way. New trains in Hawaii, Stu Jackes. Greetings from the countryside, Ian, Vies and Robin. The Canada 150 train – Vintage CP FP-7 A-B-A in Port Moody with Kyle Miller. At ease Sailor! – Fred Webb retires. A visit to the heavyweight Venosta and the Port Moody Station Museum, by Kyle Miller. Link to diecast vehicles, Tom Modica.

2017 October CTTA Canadian Flyer – V15.8

Annual General Meeting, BBQ and election of 2017-2018 officers. 1st batch of 2017 Club cars from MTH have arrived, Atlas O hoppers have arrived. Words to live by. A Canadian accessories mystery solved, follow up from June 2016, Lee Weir. Tinplate prototype, Robin Dodson.  BC historic train collection in jeopardy. Links to MOW equipment pics and historic Arbutus line video, Tom Modica.

2017 November CTTA Canadian Flyer – V15.9

Vancouver Train Expo! Gord Hall is featured in the Vancouver Sun. Pictures and treasures from York. American Flyer ‘O’ set show & tell, Jim Barrett. January bus trip to the Great Train Show in Puyallup, WA. Photos from other fall shows  & events – CN Family Day, WCRA Mini-rail, Mt. Cheam Lions Club, York. COOTTS meet Dec 3. British Steam video. Help solve the Mystery Platform.

2016 previous issues

2016 January CTTA Canadian Flyer

Lots of Christmas door prize winners. Puyallup bus trip pics. Coots meet. Moving Port Moody station down the tracks. Live steam days in Germany. Peekaboo streamliner.

2016 February CTTA Canadian Flyer

John Clifford’s fanciful handiwork and custom trains. About multiple-chime diesel airhorns. Unexpected tin-plate finds in Victoria. Order forms for B/A ‘bowtie’ logo tanker and E&N 36′ woodside reefer CTTA club cars. Bitter Creek Western live steam meet video. Stu Jackes weathering and painting. Pics from Museum of Transportation, St. Louis, MO. Passing of ‘Sir Handy Boo Boo’ Robert Hammond.

2016 March CTTA Canadian Flyer

Neil McKenzie’s prewar Hornby O gauge gets the white glove treatment. A chocolate train arrives in time for Easter. Tom Mower’s layout in Quesnel. Layout corner: John Constible’s collection. Return of the Flying Scotsman. CPR locomotive types. TOFC possibilities, Peter Tofield. The Million Dollar Hobby Railroad. Last call to order 2016 Club Cars : B/A bowtie tanker and E&N reefer.

2016 April CTTA Canadian Flyer

Ed Stephens models some extremely collectible American Flyer wear. Great Water Fight ended railway venture into Bellingham. Atlantic Coast Line railroad museum pics by Mark Horne. Ferrocarril de Santa Ria coaches pics from Did Ball. Scratchbuilt model of the Boise Depot by Jorge Beristain. Last call to order 2016 Club Cars : B/A bowtie tanker and E&N reefer.

2016 May CTTA Canadian Flyer

Club Car report: E&N Reefers from MTH sold out. B/A Tankers from Atlas O, just a few left. Lots of unusual and interesting tinplate at the meet – photos. Honolulu HART – update from Stu Jackes. Nanaimo CP Train Excursion. Wallace B. Chung historical collection of Canadian Pacific, Chinese immigration and Government artifacts, a free exhibit at UBC. Story and pictures by Kyle Miller. Steam loco mishaps.

2016 June CTTA Canadian Flyer

Meet our newest member, Conductor Carl. Robin’ Dodson’s pics from the National Railway Museum in York, UK. Tom Modica trackside pics from Rome. Island Group layout in action at Esquimalt Buccaneer Days and Victoria train show. MTH Esquimalt & Nanaimo Club Car has arrived! John Constible finds a super rare 1660 crane car in prewar set 8040. Toy Train track museum. Whodunnit of Canadian tinplate accessories from Lee Weir.

2016 September CTTA Canadian Flyer

Notice of the CTTA 2016 Annual General Meeting (AGM) and election of executive. Bruce Fowler hosts TTOS NWD meet and shows his Hornby layout & collection. Highlights from Kyle Miller’s trip to the Canadian Railway Museum in QC. Upcoming events.

2016 October CTTA Canadian Flyer

Executive returns after AGM election. CTTA bids farewell to member Bill Stephenson after more than 40 years in the club. Club Car announcement, new Atlas O diecast PGE 2-bay Hopper. Plans updated for annual bus trip to Puyallup. Highlights from CN Family Day at Thornton Yard. Link to Lionel Customer Service videos. Pics from Lynden show, Kyle Miller’s trip to the Toronto Railway Museum. Upcoming events.

2016 November CTTA Canadian Flyer

Club Car announcement, new Atlas O diecast PGE 2-bay Hopper. CTTA members travel to TCA Eastern Division YORK, PA train show. Pics from there and Steamtown at Scranton. Remembering Frank Teoli. Father John retires. CTTA layout and Gord Hall layouts at Vancouver Train Expo. Dave Cook at the Ontario train shows. More Bill Stephenson collection items at auction at the November meet.

2015 Monthly Flyers

2015 January CTTA Canadian Flyer
– New CTTA Web site update, call for pictures. Puyallup show update & pics. COOTS in Nanaimo. Gord Hall’s layout at WCRA Polar Express event. Passing of Roger Frisson. CPR vintage sign. European Tinplate Update – Michael Holzschuh. David Cook & Gail Ferrier report from the Eastern Front.

2015 February CTTA Canadian Flyer
– Rare pre-war trains available at auction. Vintage transfer table photo. Layout corner – Charles Reif. Layout corner – John Constible. 6 questions. Mystery car – O gauge Pay Car.

2015 March CTTA Canadian Flyer
– Munroe show layout pictures. Big diesel power. Darth Vader Train. Calgary ‘Supertrain’ show exhibitors list. Pennsy adventures in railroading, rubber tired switchers. Tinplate in Bad krozingen, Michel Berthet.

2015 April CTTA Canadian Flyer
– Web site workshop and call for pictures by Kyle. Fall “Cameron show” – Vancouver Train Expo – relocates to PNE. Cal Stewart North report and pictures. Announcement BC Rail RDC cars by Sunset models / 3rd rail extremely limited run. The origin of US standard railroad gauge. Vancouver Island group layout photos. CTTA Spring Club Car, a Weaver Canadian National Railway flatcar with a White Pass & Yukon Railway trailer. David & Gail’s Excellent Adventures in Ontario – the Kitchener Toy Train Show at Bingeman Centre.

2015 May CTTA Canadian Flyer
Club Car update for the Weaver White Pass & Yukon Route TOFC and Sunset/3rd Rail BC Rail BUDD cars. Nickel Plate Berkshire #765 keeps on truckin’. TTOS Island Group history, 1980’s at Bill Stephensons. Steam in China, videos from Hami. John Constible’s Standard Gauge ‘Wall of Trains’. Prize and auction preview for June COOTS meet. Charles Reif’s BC Railroads survey. World’s simplest electric train.

2015 June CTTA Canadian Flyer
1st delivery of Weaver White Pass & Yukon Route on CN TOFC Club Cars to members. There’s still a few available for order. David Cook’s report from the East. Show & Tell: Bill’s paper tunnel; Neil Whitehead’s kitbashed postwar articulated giant; Vies’ collection of evolving Marx 333 steamers. Bing ‘The World Flyers’ toy. Nanaimo report and pictures. (COOTS meet). News FLASH – Weaver to close.

2015 September CTTA Canadian Flyer
PGE Caboose Artwork update. Weaver White Pass & Yukon Route on CN TOFC Club Cars delivered to members. The disposition of Weaver assets. Frank Schmidt’s wind up Marx Easter Bunny Train. David Cook’s report from the East, Halton County Radial Museum on the Grand River, Ont. Oceanic Tank Cars ? Sheyern Monastery, Bavaria, display. Aug 7 – 12, Old and New; submitted by Michel Berthet.

2015 October CTTA Canadian Flyer
Fall meeting BBQ. Annual General Meeting – election, presentation of budget and adoption of updated CTTA resolutions. Update to e-mailing policies and creation of opt-out list for promotional messages. Weaver White Pass & Yukon Route on CN TOFC Club Cars SOLD OUT. MTH PGE caboose ands Sunset/3rd Rail BC Rail Budd Cars expected in November. CTTA places 2nd at Lynden show. Stu Jackes’ model building services.

2015 November CTTA Canadian Flyer
Lynden, Chilliwack and Vancouver PNE train show photos. Report with pictures from CTTA group trip to York. Mark Horne Open House Dec 1, 2015. Order forms for B/A Bowtie Tanker and PGE Caboose. Report from the East – David Cook.

2014 Monthly Flyers

All issues of the Canadian Flyer feature: President’s report. Door prize and raffle prize winner photos, Upcoming events & club meets, Editor’s corner and always a few surprises! 

2014 November CTTA Canadian Flyer
– Chilliwack show, TCA York, PA report & pictures, Web site update, TCA PNW order for Chicago Milwaukee and Puget Sound reefer

2014 October CTTA Canadian Flyer
– September BBQ, CNPR in Saanich article, Marvelube mayhem, Montreal model train expo, 1:1 in Germany, Lynden Lions show

2014 September CTTA Canadian Flyer
– June BBQ, Live steam in Karlesruhe, Lionel repair centre, CN family day at Port Mann yard

2014 June CTTA Canadian Flyer
– New CTTA logo plaques, Bellingham Bay & British Columbia Railroad article, Italian trains

2014 May CTTA Canadian Flyer
– New CTTA mugs and badges, Bellingham Bay & British Columbia Railroad article, LCRU tip, Hitchcock new Lionel President

2014 April CTTA Canadian Flyer
– Dave Cook visit, last call for PGE TOFC, Bulawayo, Zimbabwe – The National Train Museum

2014 March CTTA Canadian Flyer
– Nanaimo Marathon Meeting Report, Larry Dingsdale, Zimbabwe – Victoria Falls to Bulawayo by train. A wanderer is returned

2014 February CTTA Canadian Flyer
Layout Trailer rebrand, John Constible Trains, Munroe show pics, Charles Reif layout

2014 January CTTA Canadian Flyer
November flood scramble, Walter William Halls, Central Hobbies, David Cook report from the east #1

2013 and earlier Monthly Flyers