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Africa Train Journey

That is a very good question that you might ask yourself. Why would anyone take a normal passenger train in Zimbabwe (Zim)? The answer is the story of this article.

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China to Mongolia Railway Adventures

Train Travels – Shanghai to Beijing by High Speed and Trans Mongolian Railway by Slow Speed

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Indian Hill Railway Adventure

Great Britain controlled India for approximately 200 years, during which time it was known as this jewel of the British Empire.

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Champion Railway Park

Last August 5th, a Saturday, my wife, daughter and I had the opportunity to check out a ‘behind-the-scenes’ tour of the Champion Railway Park…

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Moving Port Moody Station

Why is that station moving down the tracks ?
A local historical attraction has a CTTA family connection.

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Modular O Gauge Layout on Doors

Modular O gauge layout on doors.
One model railroader’s solution for changing needs – a flexible O gauge layout

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