Canadian Toy Train Association
2021: Victoria Terminal Railway & Ferry Co. Reefer
Manufactured by: MTH Road numbers: 371 – 75 cars made 329 – 75 cars made Product ID: 20-94536, 20-94537 Cars produced: 150 Delivery to members: February 2022

Original MTH Artwork

SOLD OUT from CTTA Check your local hobby shop for availability

Cars may still be available to order at: Kelly’s Kaboose, Kamloops BC Central Hobbies, Vancouver, BC Eastside Trains, Kirkland, WA

May 10, 2021: The Canadian Toy Train Association is pleased to announce this very unique Victoria Terminal Railway & Ferry Co. 36′ Woodside reefer manufactured by MTH in their Premier line. This very limited production “O” gauge car comes in two road numbers in 3 rail.

The Canadian Toy Train Association member cost is $ 85.00 CDN per car including shipping within the lower mainland and Vancouver Island. For American members, the cost is $65 USD plus $12 USD shipping.

This is the 6th MTH car in our Canadian reefer series, and the 12th MTH product produced for our Canadian series. These cars are a limited one-time run.

Actual production model O gauge car shown.