Canadian Toy Train Association
2021 : Pacific Great Eastern Diesel Fuel Tank Car
Manufactured by: Atlas O  Road numbers: 1921 – 77 cars made 1924 – 77 cars made Product ID: 3003845-1 (#1921), 3003845-2 (#1924) Cars produced: 154 Delivery to members: November 2021

SOLD OUT from CTTA Check your local hobby shop for availability

Cars may still be available to order at: Kelly’s Kaboose, Kamloops BC Central Hobbies, Vancouver, BC Eastside Trains, Kirkland, WA

Nov. 2, 2020 – The Canadian Toy Train Association is pleased to announce that Atlas O is manufacturing a Pacific Great Eastern 8000 gallon single dome tank car for our Club. This very limited production “O” gauge car comes in two road numbers in 3 rail.   

Availability: Delivery is expected in summer 2021.

The Canadian Toy Train Association member cost is $ 85.00 CDN per car including shipping within the lower mainland and Vancouver Island. With the exchange rate for the Canadian dollar this is a real deal for our members.

About this model:

The ACF® 8,000 Gallon Type 27 Tank Car was one of the most popular standard design riveted tank cars of the first half of the twentieth century. ACF® built more than 1,800 of these cars for a wide variety of customers in the petroleum, chemical, and food industries. Virtually every bulk liquid or gas of the era was shipped in these cars (and its similar 10,000 gallon brother). Typical products included petroleum, acids, alcohol, propane, ammonia, molasses and vegetable oil.

Features Include: -Die-cast chassis -Metal grab irons, handrails and stirrups -Detailed body -Accurate painting and lettering -Minimum diameter curve: O-31 (3-rail) -Minimum radius curve: 24″ (2-Rail)

Please note: Atlas O body-mounted scale couplers can be used on both 2-rail and 3-rail versions.