2016: Esquimalt & Nanaimo Woodside Reefer

Manufactured by: Mike’s Train House
Road numbers: 396, 407
Cars produced: 144
(3 rail, 72 of each road number)

Delivered to members: May 2016

Check your Hobby Dealer for possible availability

Canadian Toy Train Association is pleased to announce that MTH is manufacturing an Esquimalt & Nanaimo Railway 36’ woodsided reefer in their Premier line.

This is the second MTH car in our Canadian Club Cars series.

The E&N, which operated on Vancouver Island off of Canada’s west coast, was later acquired by the Canadian Pacific Railway.  This very limited production “O” gauge car comes in two road numbers in 3 rail.  Delivery is May 2016.  The production car shown here.

This Esquimalt & Nanaimo Reefer is the 9th car in the Woodside Reefer series.

Cost is $ 85.00 CDN or $65 US plus $ 10.00 US shipping; $ 4.00 US shipping per additional car ordered.

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