Canadian Toy Train Association
2016: British American Oil tank car
Manufactured by: Atlas O Road numbers: 347, 358, 361, 375 Cars produced: 224 (2 rail – 44 cars; 3 rail – 180 cars) Delivery to members: November 2016 SOLD OUT from CTTA

Check your local Hobby store for availability

Atlas O is manufacturing a prototypical single dome 8000 gallon silver tank car for the CTTA in the British American Oil Company ‘bow tie’ logo colors. This very limited production ‘O’ gauge tank car comes in four road numbers, in both 2 and 3 rail. Production is scheduled for 2016.

This British American Oil tanker is the 4th car in the series.

Features include metal trucks and couplers, stainless steel catwalks, metal chassis, metal ladders and grab rails, and prototypical scheme. Car shown features 3-rail trucks and couplers.

If you are a member of the Canadian Toy Train Association – the cost is $ 85.00 CDN if delivered in BC.