Canadian Toy Train Association
1996 : Pacific Great Eastern boxcar
Manufactured by: Lionel  Road numbers: 6464-1972 Product ID: 6-52086 Cars produced: 2,600 (all 3-rail) Delivered to members: 1996

CTTA / TTOS Canadian Division 1st Club Car

This is where it all began for our Club Car program!

This Pacific Great Eastern ‘6464’ series style boxcar was produced by Lionel in 1996 for the Canadian Division of the Toy Train Operating Society, which is now the independent Canadian Toy Train Association.

This special box car was produced with die-cast, sprung trucks and couplers mounted on Lionel’s famous and extremely popular 6464 style boxcar body. The original 30 car 6464 series boxcars, produced between 1953 and 1969, are still some of the most desirable and collectible toy trains today.

The beautifully decorated boxcar is decorated in tuscan brown, accented with a green stripe and Pacific Great Eastern Railway caribou head herald. It is assigned the road number 6464-1972