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1985 : Howe Sound, Pemberton Valley & Northern Railway Caboose
Manufactured by: McCoy Trains Road number: none Cabooses produced: 110 Standard Gauge 3-rail Delivery to members: 1985

Standard Gauge Howe Sound, Pemberton Valley and Northern Railway Co. caboose

By Mark Horne

The last car of this six car series was the unnumbered Howe Sound, Pemberton Valley and Northern Railway Co. drover caboose, added in 1985.

This car, as with all the cars in the Canadian set, came with a one-page history sheet that gave some background information on the railway it represented.

One hundred ten cabooses were produced, not counting two early variations. When the car was originally manufactured, several paint samples were created. Some drover cabooses were painted bright orange with black roofs because Bob McCoy thought the orange colour would be more popular and go better with the previously issued cars. A couple of others were painted gray with black roofs. Both of these variations are easily identifiable because the elk head inside the railway’s crest was silk-screened backwards on one side, thus producing two different crests. The correct crest shows the elk head facing to the left, towards the words ‘Howe Sound’, which circle the crest.

The gray and black colour scheme was chosen for the drover caboose because it best matched the colours of the Canadian Pacific Railway 4-4-0 steam locomotive that was manufactured to haul this set.

This Standard Gauge caboose was produced with a black roof; white, black and brown lettering; Type O trucks.

The cost was $ 50.00 US plus shipping. Delivery to members was completed in 1985

About the McCoy Trains Standard Gauge train set produced for the TTOS Canadian Division

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