Canadian Toy Train Association

2022: British Columbia Railway Airslide Hopper

Manufactured by: Atlas O

Cars produced: 156 Road numbers: 2201 – 78 cars made 2204 – 78 cars made
Product ID: 3001081.10, 3001081.20 Delivery to members: June 2022
Original MTH Artwork

SOLD OUT from CTTA Check your local hobby shop for availability

Cars may still be available to order at: Kelly’s Kaboose, Kamloops BC Central Hobbies, Vancouver, BC Eastside Trains, Kirkland, WA

Feb. 5, 2021 – The Canadian Toy Train Association is pleased to announce that Atlas O is manufacturing a British Columbia Railway covered airslide hopper car for our Club. This very limited production “O” gauge car comes in two road numbers in 3 rail.

Price: Canadian Toy Train Association member cost is:

Canada – $ 85.00 CDN per car including shipping within the lower mainland and Vancouver Island. Modest shipping charge for the rest of Canada.

United States – $ 65.00 US plus $ 12.00 US shipping per car.

This is our FIRST Airslide Hopper car and the 7th Atlas O model produced for our Canadian series.

These cars are a limited one-time run. Actual production model O gauge car shown.

About this Atlas O Airslide Hopper Car model:

The airslide covered hopper was introduced by General American Transportation Corporation (GATX) in 1953. Approx. 5000 of the 2600 cu. ft. cars were built between that year and 1969.

The airslide is primarily designed for the bulk shipment of dry, granular or powdered commodities. The design of that car is such that it can be loaded and unloaded quickly and with little spillage through the use of air pressure.

The most common commodities carried include: flour, sugar, starch, plastic pellets, cement, powdered chemicals and carbon black.

Features Include:

True 1/4″ scale dimensions and details
Realistic see-through roof walks and brake wheel platform
Separately-applied grab irons and brake line details
Sprung die-cast 70-ton roller-bearing or Bettendorf trucks (depending on the road name)
Opening hatches
Minimum diameter curve (3-rail): O-27
Die-cast articulated couplers (3-rail)