2014: Pacific Great Eastern trailer on flatcar

Manufactured by: Weaver
Road numbers: 7007, 7014, 7019
Cars produced: 200
(2 rail – 38 cars, 3 rail – 162 cars)
Delivered to members: June 2014

Check your local hobby shop for availability

Cars may still be available at:
Kelly’s Kaboose, Kamloops BC
Central Hobbies, Vancouver, BC
George’s Trains, ON

This CTTA Trailer-on-flatcar club car for 2014 complements the previously released Atlas O 11,000 gallon tanker. The Pacific Great Eastern Rail way was incorporated in 1912 and continued to operate until 1972, when it was renamed BC Rail.

This highly detailed Weaver model is decorated twice over. The road trailer is in the prototypical Pacific Great Eastern orange lettering on a PGE green band on the silver trailer. The wooden deck flatcar is lettered with Pacific Great Eastern markings as well.

This limited-production O gauge car comes in three road numbers, in both 2-rail and 3-rail versions. Features include metal trucks and couplers, metal chassis, ladders and grab rails.

This is the 3rd car in a TOFC series.

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