Canadian Toy Train Association
2008: Canadian Pacific Woodside Reefer
Manufactured by: Atlas O Road numbers: 182784, 182998 Cars produced: 180 (2 rail – 24 cars, 3 rail – 156 cars) Delivered to members: July 2008

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This Canadian Pacific refrigerator car is the 5th car in the 40’ Woodside Reefer series.

Atlas O is manufacturing a prototypical 40′ woodsided reefer in the Canadian Pacific Railway colors. This very limited production “O” gauge reefer is available in two road numbers, in both 2 and 3 rail.

Production is scheduled for Spring with delivery during June 2008. Cost is $ 65.00 US plus $ 10.00 US shipping; $ 4.00 US shipping per additional car ordered.