Canadian Toy Train Association
2010: Bellingham Bay & British Columbia double sheath boxcar
Manufactured by: Atlas O Road numbers: 630, 632 Cars produced: 164 (2-rail – 24 cars, 3-rail – 140 cars) Delivered to members: 2010

This Bellingham Bay & British Columbia Reefer is the 7th car in the 40’ Woodside Reefer series.

This ‘SPECIAL EDITION’ double sheath box car is manufactured by Atlas O. The model is a prototypical 40′ woodside reefer, and produced for the Canadian Division of the TTOS (now CTTA). This very limited production “O” gauge reefer is available in two road numbers in both two and three rail. Car shown has 2-rail trucks and couplers.

Production is scheduled for Winter 2010 with delivery during Spring 2010. Cost is $ 40.00 CDN / 35.00 US, plus $ 10.00 US shipping; $ 4.00 US shipping per additional car ordered.