1981 : White Pass & Yukon Route Tank Car

Manufactured by: McCoy Trains
Road number: 413
Tank cars produced: 107
Standard Gauge 3-rail

Delivery to members: 1981

Standard Gauge White Pass & Yukon Route Tank Car

By Mark Horne

The rarest car in terms of production numbers is the #413 White Pass & Yukon Route double dome tank car manufactured in 1981, which had only one hundred and seven units made. No known variations of this car were made.

This car, as with all the cars in the Canadian set, came with a one-page history sheet that gave some background information on the railway it represented.

This Standard Gauge double dome tanker was produced with a yellow body, black frame with red, white and blue lettering. Type O trucks.

The cost was $ 40.00 US plus shipping. Delivery to members was completed in 1981

About the McCoy Trains Standard Gauge train set produced for the TTOS Canadian Division

See the entry for the 1986 Canadian Pacific 4-4-0 steam locomotive for the complete story !

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