CTTA Resolutions



Updated February, 2015
Updated September, 2005.
Renamed July 2013


1.0 No individual may use either the name or logo of the Association, either by name or implication, without the written authorization by the Executive of the Canadian Toy Train Association.

2.0 The original ten members of the precursor organization of the CTTA continue to be recognized as Founding Members. Founding Members are:

Alan Cruickshank
Jim Perenice
Jim Douglas
Frank Phillips
Clark Gray
Marty Schiemann
Walter Halls
Art Schroeder
Ernie Penney
Larry Setterfield

3.0 The Executive, at its own discretion, and on behalf of the membership, may purchase flowers, cards, or an appropriate gift for a member, or member’s family, when circumstances deem necessary.

3.1 The Canadian Toy Train Association offers to assist a member’s family with the disposition of a member’s collection at no cost.

3.2 If a member in good standing has comments, suggestions, ideas etc. for the membership, he should request time during the monthly meeting, under new business.

3.3 Membership Lists will be maintained on the CTTA Web site and will include only members in good standing within the Association.

3.4 The Canadian Toy Train Association annual dues are delinquent as of December 1st of the current year.

3.5 CTTA is committed to maintain an harassment-free environment for the benefit of its volunteers, club members and guests.

Harassment means any objectionable conduct, comment, or display, directed at a member or guest, made on the basis of race, creed, religion, colour, sex, sexual orientation, family status, physical size or weight, physical disabilities, age, nationality, ancestry, political belief, political association, or place of origin. Harassment is any behaviour that demeans, intimidates, bullies, humiliates, or embarrasses. Harassment can also take the form of demands, threats, innuendo, slurs, displays of offensive material, physical or sexual assault, or taunting.

Members have a responsibility to treat each other with respect and to speak up if they or others are being harassed, or to report the alleged harassment to the Board of Directors.

Anyone feeling they are being subjected to harassment should initiate proceedings by stating clearly to the alleged harasser either verbally or in writing that the conduct is unwelcome; and if the alleged harasser does not stop the harassment, send notice in writing to the Board of Directors describing the situation.

The Directors shall not disclose the name of the complainant or an alleged harasser or the circumstances of the complaint to anyone, except where disclosure is:

a) necessary to investigate the complaint or take action on the complaint, or

b) required by law.

The result of an investigation shall be reported in writing to both the complainant and the alleged harasser. This harassment prevention policy is not intended to discourage or prevent complainants from exercising other legal rights.


4.0 The auction order shall be determined by random selection. Anyone arriving after the draw will be accepted in order of arrival.

4.1 No private sales are to be conducted during the business portion of the meeting or the auction.

4.2 All items donated to the club for auction shall be called Treasury items, and will be auctioned first. Treasury items will be paid for immediately upon purchase.

4.3 The sales and purchases during the auction shall be recorded by the Treasurer and Member-at-Large, or designate.

4.4 a) Every member must pay all auction bills before leaving at the end of the meeting.

b) Guests must pay cash on an individual buy basis at the time of purchase.

4.5  a) Members are allowed to offer approximately 7 items for sale, and agents may only sell for the individual who appointed them. If more than 7 items are for   sale, a second session of 7 will be permitted after all other sellers have had a turn. The number of items offered by each member shall be at the auctioneer’s discretion.

b) Members are solely responsible for their agents.

c) If there are multiple groups of items to be auctioned when the Association is disposing of a member’s estate, these groups will be interspersed with other members’ sales, over one or several meets.

d) Minimum opening bid on regular auction items is $3.00. – Minimum bidding increments of $1.00 thereafter.

4.6 a) There is a 48 hour exchange period on all items auctioned during a club meeting, if an item is found not to be in the condition stated.

b) Completion of auction arrangements (eg. an auction item missing a part, etc. but stated that the seller would supply) shall be concluded prior to the next regular meeting or compensation, or return of item at cost, shall be directed by the Executive upon the request of the purchaser.

4.7 Auction items must be trains or train-related.

4.8 “Assortment/junque” boxes for sale at an auction will not normally be emptied. If the seller has provided a list of the contents, the auctioneer may read out the list. If not, the auctioneer may describe what he sees on the top of the box. Sellers are encouraged to label items for auction, particularly junk boxes, and display them on the table to the right of the auctioneer prior to the start of the auction.

4.9 If a member cashes out of the auction early, any money that the member is to receive will be mailed to him by the treasurer, at the conclusion of the meeting.


5.0 Items for table sales must be priced or marked for auction. Items marked for auction cannot then be sold at the table.

5.1 The CTTA requires that all items that have been repainted, or repaired/restored with reproduction parts, must be so labeled.

5.2 Table sales will be made prior to and after the meeting and during coffee breaks, but not during the business meeting or the club auction.


6.0 Any expenditure in excess of $1,000.00 requires the approval of the membership at an Annual or Special General Meeting.

6.1 The president or designate shall be responsible for the acquisition and storage of all the division’s door prizes and raffle prizes.

6.2 An inventory of Association property will be kept up to date by the Treasurer and shall include all assets of the modular layout and all moveable property of the island layout that was acquired with Association (or precursor organization) funds. Should the modular or island layouts cease to be utilized, the Executive will dispose of these assets.

6.3 Donations to the modular or island layouts may be disposed of by the layout groups without effect on present or future budget support from the Association, provided that the proceeds from these donations are reinvested in the layouts.

7.0 Requests to the Executive to intervene and/or arbitrate in a matter between members, must be in writing, detailing the circumstances involved. Requests will be discussed at the following Executive meeting, and a recommendation made.


8.0 Tickets for the Seattle Bus Trip will be sold to members first up to and including the meeting prior to the bus trip. The Treasurer or his designate will maintain a list of “paid up” members and a “wait list” of non-members. At the end of this meeting, as space allows, tickets will be sold to non-members at members’ cost plus a $5.00 premium.

8.1 The Christmas “Door Prize” tickets may be sold only to Association members in good standing.

8.2 The June Incentive Draw is open to members only with tickets distributed based on actual member’s attendance at meetings, as kept by the Treasurer or his designate. Members must be in attendance to win an incentive prize, and a member may win only one prize in the Incentive Draw.