Canadian Tinplate Gallery

Welcome to the Canadian Toy Trains Association’s GALLERY of Tinplate Trains made for Canada.  Starting small with a few examples from one source, the plan is to expand to a broad range from a number of sources.
We invite you to contact the Webmaster at if you have something to share.

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Kyle Miller
June 7, 2016, 7:31 pm

These are beautiful Charles! Looking forward to seeing more.

Lee Weir
September 4, 2017, 1:14 am

Love the Bing cars and Locos. Wondered if you had pictures of the Canadian produced EEL Diesel toy train with “Canadian Coal” Car, Shell Tank car and log car. I’m looking into it’s potential manufacturer and hope you might have some information which might be of assistance. Have also found a lead on the Canadian Tinplate Accessories which had asked for the groups collective wisdom on identifying last year. Although it is a B&W photo it is unmistakable that this is one of the items which I am trying to identify in the Eaton’s 1950 51 Christmas catalogue. Although it appears with a Coke sign on the deck which I have not seen before it is none the less the same as the items which keep turning up and I sent you copies of last year. Have included a link to the archive where the item can be viewed in the 1950 Eaton’s Catalogue Quebec french language version. Any information you could add would be appreciated. Take care, Lee Weir

Update by Kyle – Nov 29, 2017
Use this link: Browse by company, find (French) Eaton’s Fall & Winter 1950-51, pages 558-559

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