Canadian Toy Train Association
2013: British American Oil trailer on Pacific Great Eastern flatcar
Manufactured by: Weaver Road numbers: 7008, 7013, 7019 Cars produced: 170 (2 rail – 30 cars, 3 rail – 140 cars) Delivered to members: September 2013 SOLD OUT
This CTTA Trailer-on-flatcar club car for 2013 complements the previously released Atlas O 8000 gallon tanker. This highly detailed Weaver model is decorated twice over. The road trailer is in the beautiful British American Oil Company red, white and two-tone green colors. The flatcar is lettered with Pacific Great Eastern markings on a wood deck flatcar.

This limited-production Weaver O gauge car comes in three road numbers for 2-rail and 3-rail operators.

Features include metal trucks and couplers, metal chassis, ladders and grab rails, and prototypical scheme. Image shows car with 2-rail trucks and couplers.

2nd car in a TOFC series.