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Trains for sale: LCAC club cars

by CTTA Member Gerhardt Klann. Contact by e-mail or phone 780-233-8937

Lionel Collectors Association of Canada (LCAC) issues from 1986 – 1993.
3-rail, mint condition, new in the box. $100.00 each.

LCAC 1986 Canadian National Bunk Car

LCAC 1986 CN bunk car 2 web  LCAC 1986 CN bunk car box flap web

LCAC 1987 Canadian National Express Reefer

LCAC 1987 Express reefer 1 Web  LCAC 1987 Express reefer box flap web

LCAC 1993 Canadian Pacific Standard O Reefer

LCAC 1993 CP box car 2 web  LCAC 1993 CP box car flap web

Wanted: Lionel postwar trains

CTTA member Clark Gray is looking for the following vintage Lionel postwar items:

3464 NYC Operating box car
6454 Erie box car
6454 NYC box car (tan colour)
6562 Grey gondola (including four red canisters)
6469 Liquified Gas car
6315 Gulf tank car (late un-painted)

Lionel 6454-NYC box-car-tan Lionel 6469 Liquified gas car Lionel 6562 grey gondola with 4 red cannisters Lionel 3454 NYC operating box car web Lionel 6315 Gulf tank car unpainted Lionel 6454-erie-box-car-with-box

Please contact Clark by e-mail at or by phone at 604-929-2966

Wanted: O Gauge MTH CN Stock car

Member Jim Sutherland is looking for the MTH 30-8706 Canadian National die-cast stock car , Issued 2004.


Contact Jim by phone at 250-727-1804 or by e-mail at (Posted Dec 2016.)

Wanted: O Gauge TTOS BC Electric tank car

Member David Cook is looking for the 2001 TTOS annual club car, a British Columbia Electric tanker.


Contact David by phone at 289-396-8302 or by e-mail at (Posted Dec 2016.)


Wanted: Lionel postwar trains

CTTA member Cliff Cox is looking for the following vintage Lionel postwar items:

6467 Bulkhead Flat car;
6464-225 Southern Pacific Boxcar;
3562 Barrell Car (yellow);
2028 Pennsylvania GP-7 locomotive.

Please contact Cliff Cox by e-mail at or by phone at 250-478-3421

6467a     6464-225
3562-50     PRR 2028

Wanted: Shelf brackets for trains – 3 tier

3 Tier shelf brackets for displaying model trains

CTTA member Tom Modica is looking for some specialty shelving brackets that allow 3 different levels to be mounted with one bracket. The brackets fit the usual vertical mounts with the slots that support shelf boards of various widths. See pictures below.

Contact Tom by phone at 360 738-3842 or by email at: (posted 2015)

2015-08-30 Triple shelf bracket 2   2015-08-30 Triple shelf bracket 1

 Wanted: Lionel Christmas boxcars

Lionel Christmas boxcars: 6-39364 (2013); 6-36275 (2004); 6-36253 (2003).
Contact Ian Kennet at
I will buy all three from one guy if the price is right, or individually. They should be in very good condition or better, please, and thanks.  My wife and kids like these ones.

6-39364_7336  6-36275_22576-36253_1568